Paths to Sustainable Economic Activity and
Social Progress in the Social Market Economy

Summary of the conclusions and main
recommendations of the Study Commission*

Berlin, May 2013

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Foreword from the Chair

1 Summary of the Commission’s key recommendations and working methods

2 Indicator set and recommendations for action

2.1 Indicator set

2.2 Decoupling – possibilities and limits

2.3 Sustainability through regulatory policies

2.3.1 Regulation of financial markets

2.3.2 Viable financial policy

2.3.3 Sustainable economic activity as exemplified by the chemical industry

2.3.4 Climate policy – prerequisites for a unilateral German/European model role

2.4 The world of work, consumption patterns and lifestyles

2.4.1 Lifestyles

2.4.2 Work

2.4.3 Sustainable consumption

3 General part

3.1 Working methods and the deliberation process

3.1.1 Commission meetings, hearings and other events

3.1.2 Project groups

3.1.3 Full-length and summary expert reports

3.1.4 Plenary discussion by the Bundestag

3.1.5 Composition of the Study Commission

3.2 Organisational and administrative support for the work of the Commission

Annex 1: Details of the set of indicators with warning lights

Annex 2: Composition of the Commission

the complete summary as PDF